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TRAVEL: Updated Bucketlist

It's been a year since I first started my Travel Bucketlist, and being halfway through my year abroad, it's a good time to check back in and see what I've seen and what's left to see. Ticked off Prague Prague... Continue Reading →


TRAVEL: Prague – The Embodiment of Central Europe

The beauty of Europe as a continent is the ease with which borders can be crossed, so long as you have the right meaningless piece of paper, and being on a year abroad means you have an obscene amount of... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Parisian Submersion Over Sight-Seeing

France is one of my most under-travelled areas of Europe, something that is particularly shoddy seeing as it is the country closest to the UK on the continent. Within minutes of setting foot in its capital, I was struck by the... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Munich in the snow

The only thing to make me emotionally okay with coming back to Munich after the disappearance of the Christmas markets was the promise that the buzz of tinsel-lined huts and Glühwein would be replaced with a calming blanket of white... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Sunny Salzburg to Rains on Königsee

Although I knew that Salzburg was in a unique location, not just surrounded by mountains, but amongst them, the first surprise of our weekend away was that our hostel was literally on the top of a mountain. After arguing with... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Fairytale Adventure to Neuschwanstein

Upon seeing this view from the train whilst we were still more than an hour from our final destination, I knew we were in for a good day. Because this train wasn't taking us just anywhere. It was taking us... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Festive Augsburg Antics

There's nothing like having someone visit a city that you love to make you determined to prove how amazing it is, and so when BFF Adam came to stay, I endeavoured to find the best and brightest that Munich and... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Guide to Munich Christmas Markets

One of the most exciting parts of coming to Germany for my year abroad was the German Christmas - or more specifically, the markets. So good that Britain shamelessly copies them year after year, the opportunity to see as many... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Weekend in Würzburg

Another free weekend in Bavaria means another excursion, and this time, I made it a whole weekend. A friend of a friend was offering a free room 20km outside of Würzburg, so off we set on a 3 hour bus... Continue Reading →

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