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TRAVEL: Interrailing around the Baltic Circle: Helsinki

After 16 hours of travelling from Stockholm, we dumped our stuff in our hostel and immediately headed out for some food. We took in our first afternoon in the city sitting by the river, and the sun came out in... Continue Reading →


TRAVEL: Interrailing around the Baltic Circle: Stockholm

Within minutes of getting into our hostel in Stockholm, we immediately realised that this was far more social than the other hostels we had been in. We were invited  to a bar crawl in Gamla Stan, Stockholm's old town, and... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Interrailing around the Baltic Circle: Oslo

The exhaustion of the overnight train journey from Copenhagen was balanced out perfectly by our mid-trip Airbnb break, a respite from the hectic hostel lifestyle. Having a flat to ourselves was amazing after sharing a room with a minimum of... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Interrailing around the Baltic Circle: Copenhagen

My first thought of Copenhagen was it felt exactly how I expected it to. Canals, brightly coloured rows of houses, bikes flying past you: the picturesque epitome of a Scandinavian city. Our first night was spent tip-toeing around a dorm room... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Berlin in a Day

Next stop on the whirlwind European section of the trip was Berlin. We spent less than 24 hours in Berlin, so I picked out some highlights to make a whistle stop tour for Clara, as I spent a month in... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: Interrailing around the Baltic Circle: Warsaw

This summer saw my first experience of backpacking - except I didn't take a backpack. I'm justifying still calling this a backpacking trip because we were jumping from country to country by train, living out of tiny bags in hostels, and... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL: My Bucketlist

Inspired by Flying the Nest, who are essentially travel, life,and pretty much everything else goals, I've decided to put together my own Travel Bucketlist. As I'm heading off on my Year Abroad next year to Munich, a perfect central Europe... Continue Reading →

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